Driving Classes in Maruti Nagar

Learning to drive is not only a requirement for obtaining a driver's license, but it is also a necessary life skill. If you've ever thought about learning to drive but have been put off by the cost and hassle of getting a license, we can help you get over those barriers. The Art of Driving is a skill that can take years to master, and our driving school is here to help you get there. We offer intensive driving classes in Bangalore to master driving. Our instructors are experts in their fields and know how to teach the skills you need to get ahead in driving. Whether you're just starting or have been behind the wheel for years, we can help you grow your skillset so that one day soon, when you pass your driving test, you'll be ready to drive confidently on any road. Thank you for choosing SRI Ram Motors Driving School. We have provided quality driving classes in Bangalore, and we take pride in every student!

If you have questions about driver's education, we're here to help! You can call our office at ,+91 8951362993


Expert training

Our expert instructors will train you on how to drive safely and confidently by providing tips to improve your skills as a driver.

Learning license

The course covers numerous topics, from road safety and vehicle handling to the learning license test.

Driving classes

Our professionals guide you to on-road and off-road driving classes, making you to gain confidence.

Class room training

Knowing about road safety and traffic signs will help you understand road conditions and make better decision while driving.

Driving license

We offer a hazzel-free process for new government driving license application and renewal of expiring driving license.

Vehicle Mainitainance

Learn all about the parts of your vehicle and how they're connected to each other. You'll also learn some tips on good driving habits and minor repair instructions that will help you become an expert driver.


Due to Covid-19, we are taking the following precautions:

• All clients entering our building or while driving with our instructors must wear an appropriate face mask.

• If you are ill or have any symptoms of CoVID-19, you will not be allowed to enter our building, take a driving test, or drive behind the wheel.

• To comply with social distancing, the number of students in our classrooms will be limited.

• All driving appointments will begin and conclude in our parking area for the foreseeable future so that we may sanitize your vehicle between students.

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Driving Classes in Bangalore

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Driving School in BTM Layout

Driving is no longer a luxury, it's a requirement. Our driving professionals will work with you to ensure that you are a safe, confident driver. Don't worry about getting behind the wheel—we'll take care of it!

Our mission is to give you the tools and knowledge to be a competent, safe driver. Whether you're a new teen driver needing the training to obtain a license or an adult who wants to brush up on your driving skills, we've got you covered.

Our driving school in Maruti Nagar is licensed by the Department of Public Safety, State of Karnataka, so you can put your faith in us that we'll train you! At our driving school in Maruti Nagar, we are committed to making sure you become a safe, confident, and engaged driver. Whether you're a new teen driver needing the training to obtain a license or an adult who wants to brush up on your driving skills; you've come to the right place.

We strive to produce safe, confident drivers who can navigate the city and stay connected during their daily travels.


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